Saturday, February 9, 2008

Friend Kitties!

I'm sorry, i should've had a link to my new bloggy, i promise i'm doing well now.

Come visit me at the new blog *where i don't have to share one with Isis*

Here's the link....!

Hope to see you there!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

lazy sunday

Well, i get to lounge around the house all day.

Yesterday mom and dad painted the kitchen, so it's all bright and yellow in there.

I'm tired!

mom caught me trying to destroy some movies that are still in a box last night.... sometimes.... i like to destroy things.

Well, thats all for today kids. I'm tirrrrrred.


Saturday, October 6, 2007

Hello pups!

Mommy said i was a very good kitten last night, she even gave me some canned food. yummmmmmmmm! thats some good stuff!

And sometime this week i'm going for a great adventure!

I overheard her and dad talking about how next week i was gonna be spayed and declawed- whatever that means, and they moved it up hopefully to this tuesday!

i wonder if it'll be fun!

moms real excited about the declaw part. I wonder what we're gonna do?!

love, tesla.

Monday, October 1, 2007

The bath tub.

Well, today mom took me back to hte clinic to get rechecked. Like i needed any of that!

I can stop my eye drops, however, they also drew blood to test for disease, (only 3 drops), and gave me a rabies shot.

So now i have new jewelry on my collar.

Then, to get back at everyone, i attacked the chair in the living room about an hour and a half ago.

I thought it would be fun to scratch it all up. Then mom squirted me with the squirt bottle, and threw my in the laundry room...

then she caught me trying to escape behind the washing machine, and she caught me, just as i knocked over a trash can containing all of my... ahem... waste.

It fell all over the floor! What a riot!

Mom wasn't laughing. in fact, she sprayed me again and threw me in the bath tub so i couldnt hurt anything or myself.

And i've been in here ever since. Mom tried to tell me i could come out, but i have to actually go to her.

I'm not ready yet.

So she leaves me in here. She's been in twice already.

Oh well.

This is my life as a bad kitten.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

new kid in town

Hi everyone. I dont know if you read about my eye from my aunt's blog but you can see in my picture above, that i have a problem.

I was found last thursday morning (where i sometimes sleep if i'm being bad) in the utility room... when mommy opened the door... she found me falling off of a shelf, and then running to hide behind the washing machine.

Mommy saw my eye filling with blood, started freaking out and brought me allll the way to the doctors where she works and they kept me there most of the day, and now i have eye medications that mom puts in my eyes three times a day.

I hate it.

Anyway, thought i would introduce myself because i'm going to be blogging on here from now on.

I'm not as pretty as my aunt, or as well behaved... but i'm kind of cute. mom says i'm lucky i'm cute, because the way i act drives her crazy.

In the picture, my left eye looks green- because one of the drops mom puts in my eye dilates my pupil- and because of the flash of the camera, it catches it just right making it look kinda scary.

but, its just my pupil... all large.

Hopefully i can get off these meds soon.

Alright, i'll see you all soon!